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Lollipop flower
blackberry jelly beans

You smiled. You could not avoid.
This is too sweet to handle it.

Blackberry jelly beans

Gelatin jelly beans coated with sugar pellets in red and black colors.
Red Blackberry

Red Blackberry

Gelatin jelly beans coated with a layer of red sugar pellets flavored blackberry.

Black Blackberry

Black Blackberry

Gelatin jelly beans coated with a layer of black sugar pellets flavored blackberry.

Coeliacs friendly

Gluten free 100% jelly beans.

How it’s done

Blackberry Flower 1

Step 1

Pierce three red and black jelly beans in a long barbecue stick of wood.

Blackberry Flower 2

Step 2

Cross the middle jelly bean with two wooden toothpick diagonally.

Blackberry Flower 3

Step 3

Stab a jelly bean arrears at the end of a stick always looking up.

Blackberry Flower 4

Step 4

Continue stabbing the other jellybeans on the tips of the toothpicks to complete the flower.

Blackberry Flowers

Composed mainly of
sugars, gelatin, flavors and colorants
love, happiness, smiles and tenderness.

Red Blackberry
Black Blackberry

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